I-77 Speedway Racing 12th place finish

Friday night saw Tyler Stutler in action at I-77 Speedway (Ripley, West Virginia) for a night of racing action with 22 Late Models signing in. This is the 1st night in a couple of weeks that Mother Nature decided that it was time to let some dirt fly!! Tyler started the night off qualifying 11th for the Heat Races and finished 4th which gave him a starting position of 11th for the feature. The 265 machine ended up finishing 12th for the night.

Results for I-77
1. 18 Chris Carpenter
2. 28 Tyler Carpenter
3. 17T Tyler Evans
4. B4 Jeremy Blake
5. 42 Chris Garnes
6. 7H Zachary Hill
7. 12B Travis Brookover
8. 53C Andy Bond
9. 39 Henry Hornsby
10. 34C Delbert Crum
11. 41 Doug Parks
12. 265 Tyler Stutler
13. B52 Delbert Crum Jr.
14. K11 George Klintsworth
15. 32J Jackie Gibson
16. 64 Jacob Wilson
17. 7F Nelson Freshour
18. 28R Harold Redman Jr

Saturday was supposed to be another night of racing but Mother Nature decided that 2 nights of racing was not in the cards at Tyler County Speedway (The Bullring)

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