Tammy Clegg Tribute Race

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Mother Nature was in a great mood Saturday night at The Bullring for the Tammy Clegg Tribute Race with a total of 16 Late Models signing in for the night. Tyler took 1st place in his qualifying round and ended up qualifying 3rd overall for the night. This put Tyler and the "265" machine starting 3rd in his heat race due to the invert. Tyler finished his heat in 2nd which had him starting 4th in the feature. At intermission, the speedway hosted their 1st Autograph session of the year. Tyler signed hero cards and handed out customized pop sockets. The start of the feature saw Tyler Evans in the 17T jump the start which gave Tyler the outside pole. Keith Barbara and Tyler started the race off hot and were rolling around the track giving the fans a great race. During lap 6 Barbara and Tyler had already tracked down the end of the train and were getting ready to start lapping cars. That's when disaster struck the 1st car to be lapped spun around taking Barbara with him right into Tyler and taking both of the lead cars out of the race. The "265" machine suffered significant front end damage and tore the air cleaner off of the carburetor ending Tyler's night.

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